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Oh, so that's what "FAQ" means -- "Frequently Asked Questions"?

Yep, that's it. The web is full of acronyms, abbreviations, and other things that make it sound even geekier than it already is. It's part of our job to communicate with you in plain English, to answer any questions you may have.

We don't have a website name yet. Can ServiceWebs help with that?

Absolutely. Website names (also called "domain names") have to be registered before they can be used, and we can include that as part of our service to you. We can't guarantee that the exact name you want is available, but we'll help you find a good one that's available, and can include registering it as part of getting your site online, or as a one-time service.

Will ServiceWebs also host our site?

Yes and no. We don't own the hosting hardware, but we do maintain ongoing relationships with established reliable vendors who offer hosting at different levels. We can include the hosting as part of our service to you, so you won't have to give that a second thought. If you have a host you already know you'd like to use, that's fine too.

Can ServiceWebs get our website listed with the search engines?

Yes! The whole search engine "industry" is going through changes these days, and we consider it part of our responsibility to our clients to stay current with those changes and ensure that your site is submitted in a timely manner to the most popular engines. We are happy to discuss the "why" and "how" of search engines with you during initial consultation(s), and to make suggestions on the best ways to use them. The final decision is yours, of course. Once you make it, we'll take it from there!

How long has ServiceWebs been around, and who's on the other side of the keyboard?

We registered the name "ServiceWebs" in 2001, but we've been designing, building, and managing websites since 1997.
(Please visit our Portfolio/Clients page for some examples.)
Since 2003, our web developer has been trusted as a moderator on tech-related forums operated by Leo Laporte, who pioneered ZDTV and TechTV and continues with an internationally broadcast tech lab television show, a nationally syndicated tech radio show out of California, and dozens of award-winning tech-oriented podcasts.
In 2006, she was recruited to become part of the team at Cyberwalker, an international tech help concern based in Canada, writing code and proofreading articles on their website.

What aren't there more "bells and whistles" on the ServiceWebs site? Can we get them if we want them on ours?

"Bells and whistles" are fun and sometimes they can be just what you need. On the other hand, they can also slow down the time it takes for a site to appear on some visitors' screens, and not everyone's computer is capable of getting the benefit of all of them. We can do animations, special effects, sound clips, and so on, and will work to balance the effectiveness of "bells and whistles" with efficiency in getting your message out.

Are there any restrictions on the kinds of content we can have on our site?

We believe in freedom of expression, on the internet and elsewhere. We also believe in exercising our choice not to be involved with pornography, bigotry, or defamation. We're not prudes, and what you do on your computer is none of our's just that it's not worth the hassle and the risks for us to manage sites that promote questionable activities. We also won't handle sites that conduct, promote, encourage, advocate, or condone illegal activity, whether overtly or subtly. For that matter, many hosts will also refuse to do business with such sites.

OK, I'm interested, but not ready to commit to anything. What happens next?

Next we talk. You'll tell us what you want, and if you aren't sure, we'll ask questions to help clarify it.
When we think we understand what you want, we'll go away and do a mock-up of a home page for your potential website. That takes a little time.
When you tell us we've gotten the idea, we'll go away again and figure out how much it will cost to build and launch the site, and how much the monthly management of it will cost. Note that we don't discuss money until we know we're ready to do what you want.
The mock-up comes with no cost and no obligation, so
contact us with confidence!

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